Gyuto is a Western-style Japanese kitchen knife, usually 180-300 mm long. For most users, Gyuto is the most versatile and useful Japanese kitchen knife. For cooking at home, we recommend a length of 180-210 mm. If you are very experienced, you can also use 240 mm, although lengths of 240 mm and longer are intended for professional chefs.

This versatile knife can be used for all jobs and all groceries: meat, chicken, fish, herbs, vegetables.

Gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic western ‘chef's knife’.

It is a long high heel knife with a slight curve from the midsection to the pointed tip of the blade. This shape allows the use of all styles of cutting and chopping, while the pointed tip of the blade is used for precise cuts.

The double blade of the Gyuto knife is thinner, lighter and has a sharper edge than the western ‘chef's knife’.

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