Santoku literally translated from Japanese means ‘three virtues’. The name is believed to derive from the versatility of this knife, which can be used for three kitchen jobs (cutting, chopping and grinding) as well as for the three main food groups (meat, fish and vegetables). It is useful to mention that santoku is in Japan more popular than gyuto (Japanese ‘chef's knife’). We can find it in almost every Japanese home.

It is made in a length of 130 - 200 mm, and most often about 160 -180 mm, which is the recommended length for home use.

The blade has a straight edge and a shape like a sheep's foot. At the top, it bends at an angle of about 60 degrees. This shape of the blade is, due to its compactness and smaller size compared to gyuto or western ‘chef's knife’, becoming more and more interesting for home use in western countries.

You can use Santoku to cut small to medium meats, fish, and all kinds of vegetables.

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